The Reading Quest 2017!

So I’ve decided to participate in #TheReadingQuest for the first ever time this year and let me tell you my not-so-inner fantasy nerd is SQUEALING with excitement here!!




First up a lil explanation of what The Reading Quest is… If you already know this then skip on down to the next section to see my character choice and TBR list!

The Reading Quest is a readathon organised by Aentee of readatmidnight.comΒ that runs from 13 August to 10 September. The whole readathon is designed to work like a fantasy video game. You pick one of four characters and cross off prompts on a bingo board based on that character. There are also extra ‘side’ quests that you can use to gain bonus points!

Just like in a video game you gain EXP and HP and level up based on your achievements during the readathon! So essentially it’s the most intricate and well thought out readathon I’ve ever seen! A full explanation of how the readathon work’s and how to gain points is on Aentee’s blog!



I tried to come up with a fun fantasy name for my character. It’s not the best but it’s something! So meet Jasmine the Verbacious, a travelling musician who is best known for her overly lengthy songs and descriptive lyrics. Looool. It makes me cringe every time I hear it but what’s a girl to do??


As you can see, I have chosen to be a Bard, which means that I will be following the red dotted path on the bingo grid. And if by some weird miracle I complete that I will continue around the bingo board in a clockwise manner. But let’s be honest. I’m not going to actually end up doing that. Lels.



The first step in preparing for my quest is to make a TBR list. Here are the books that I’ve chosen to cover each of the quest challenges…

As you can see there are a couple of challenges where I haven’t finalised which book I feel like reading for yet, and I have also chosen quite a few books that get extra points for diverse characters / authors!

As further preparation for the quest, I have prepared this character card. I’ll be using this card to track my progress each day and tick off challenges as I complete them.

I’ve also joined the Guild of Literary Dragons (or GOLD for short) which is a group of fellow questers who all chat to and motivate each other on Twitter.


So far so bad! I am still reading the book that I planned on finishing before the readathon started and because of my shop launch last weekend I hadn’t even finalised my TBR until today! So currently my progress is exactly the same as before I started! But IΒ willΒ be moving on to Midnight’s Children or The Kite Runner soon!




CHANGE OF PLANS! I have decided to use my current read (Perfume but Patrick Suskind) as the book for one of the bonus challenges. So this book will be used for the ‘Time Warp’ challenge as it is set in the past.

This means that all the pages I’ve read so far get to count for HP and EXP and my update for the end of Day 4 of the quest is as follows:


As you can see… not great. But hey! At least some reading was done and that’s better than no reading!


So I got distracted both from reading my #thereadingquest TBR books AND from reading my bonus challenge book (Perfume) by reading Deltora Quest!! Not even remotely on my TBR buuuuuuuut I’ve managed to worm things around to make this my book choice for the bonus challenge ‘GRIND’ because this book had a solid 736 pages! So I might not have completed any books for my character quest yet, but I now have 78 HP and 20 EXP so that’s progress!


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