I thought I might make a new series where I share various things related to planning and organising as well, just because organisation is a huge part of my life so why not share it?! So this is an introduction post for my bullet journal. In the future I might post page ideas, or time-lapse videos, or stickers/stationery that I like to use.. who knows!



This year I’ve tried to be much more simplistic in my set up. Last year was my first year as a bullet journaler, and even though I thought I was choosing pages realistically (I had A LOT of ideas and culled a lot of them) it turns out that I still had far more page layout ideas than I actually used. I guess that’ll tell you just how many ideas I had if I still had too many even after the cull! So this year my yearly pages were as follows:

  • My future log
  • Birthday log
  • My daily routine
  • My weekly and monthly routine
  • My New Years resolutions
  • A quote collection page
  • My budget outline


As with the yearly pages I have really cut down on the number of different layouts I include at the start of the month as well. It just seems to be that the more I try and organise / track the less organised I feel! So I’m still keeping it simple, I figure that if there’s something missing in my setup it will eventuate over time after all!

  • A general events outlook for the month
  • My YouTube channel plan for the month
  • My bills/expenses outlook for the month
  • My spending log for the month

I’ve toyed with the idea of adding a followers/subscribers tracker or an Instagram planner but at the moment I don’t seem to need it. So we’ll see!


I don’t tend to use an individual setup for each day, because most of the tasks that I have to do carry on over several days, and it would very quickly become too complicated for me to migrate those tasks every time I start a new day! So instead I create a weekly setup spread that I use for the whole week. Every one is different of course, but this is what works for me. Sometimes I wish I could be the kind of person to do the beautiful fancy setups that some people do with their bullet journals, because they look so lovely, but I’m just not! 😦

  • A general calendar for the week
  • A YouTube calendar for the week
  • An ongoing to-do list
  • A work hours log
  • A notes section
  • A removable shopping list


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