TAG | Alice’s Adventures Book Tag


I have finally made my own original tag! I’m so excited and nervous for this! This tag is obviously in honour of my Alice In Wonderland themed month ‘March Hares and Mad Hatters’ and is pretty much the pinnacle climax of this theme!

Because there already was a tag called ‘Alice In Wonderland Book Tag’ (which I would have used but I didn’t like a lot of the prompts in it) I have created this one and called it ‘Alice’s Adventures Book Tag’ instead! If you’re interested in doing this tag, whether on YouTube or Instagram please do! And link me in it so I can share in the fun!


  1. Alice: read a quote from your favourite strong, female protagonist.
  2. The White Rabbit: a book everyone has read that you were/are late to the party on.
  3. Down The Rabbit Hole: read your favourite first book sentence.
  4. Drink Me: go and make your favourite thing to drink while reading (tea, coffee, other) and come back and show us.
  5. The Caterpillar: name a character who gives good advice, and a character who needs it.
  6. The Cheshire Cat: try and give a six word explanation of a book that confused you.
  7. The March Hare and Mad Hatter: a fictional friendship you wish you could join in on.
  8. The Dormouse: a book that put you to sleep.
  9. The Queen of Hearts: a book you would decree as compulsory reading.
  10. The Mock Turtle: (be brave and) read a quote or passage from a book that made you cry.
  11. The Flowers: show us a pretty book cover.
  12. The Walrus and The Carpenter: a character whose original appearance was deceptive.
  13. Unbirthdays: a book you would gladly read every day of the year.
  14. The White Knight: a character that everyone laughs at but who deserves better.



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