UNBOXING | Bookishly Books and Tea February

I’ve decided to do something a little bit different for my unboxing posts from now on and showcase more of the individual items, and maybe even pick a box favourite or something like that!

The only problem is that because I belatedly decided to do this, I don’t actually have photos of all the things I wanted to talk about… it’s all a learning-curve I guess, I’ll do better next time!



This is actually a screenshot from a boomerang video.. hence the blurriness.


I love the design of this wrapping paper so much!

As usual we’re off to a great start with the stunning wrapping paper design. One of the best things about this package is that it comes in a giant envelope that jusssssst fits in my mailbox, so I don’t have to go to the post office  to pick it up! Instant gratification for the win! Anyway let’s get critical!

*tacky 80s dance music ensues*





For some reason I’m super proud of this photo..

The cover of this book is stuuuuuuuning as usual. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever, I love the artwork design that Bookishly does with the old texts and maps overlaid with watercolour patterns.

The quote itself is a fairly standard-cliche-inspirational-quote which normally I don’t like but this one I actually do! It’s a nice reminder to be present in the moment and in the place that you are, which I could always do with, so a quote that could have earned this item some minus points is still all-plus from me!

The notebook itself isn’t exaaaactly great quality, it feels more like standard white paper that’s been stapled together into a notebook layout, it’s unlined and pretty basic. But the cover is beautiful so I guess it would make for a fancy-looking planning/to-do-list book or something like that. I’m always up for more notebooks anyway.

Overall this item gets 3/5 vintage grunge stars!




This photo was taken with the bookmark from last month too so ignore the other bookmark!

This bookmark is freaking adorable, I love the picture used and the colour design of it. And that quote is adorable. I love the fact that it reads really nicely when taken out of context from the full poem, but I love the full poem as well. So, so much love to this lil treasure!

I’ll see if I can remember to take a photo of the back of the bookmark too, to share here, because the back is gorgeous too. It has all these little card suit designs scattered across it in the same colours with the Bookishly logo. So pretty! If not, then check it out in my unboxing video cause I show the back there.

All in all, a happy 4/5 vintage grunge stars from me!



Apparently I can’t add captions to videos and this makes me really sad…

I have to say that I’m really happy with this month’s book, the books are always a bit touch-and-go because of the fact that they’re vintage picks form second-hand book stores… So you never know what you’re going to get, and last month I got some random book that I’d never heard of before, which didn’t even have a proper author it was some book version of an old war movie that was released with the movie (think like how Disney produces book versions of Beauty and The Beast now and stuff like that)… So I was a bit disappointed there. But this one I’m definitely excited to have as part of my collection!

I’ve been hoping to add more essays and short story collections to my library as part of my project to diversify both my reading and my books this year, so this is the perfect addition to it and I’m really happy!

3/5 vintage grunge stars from me!




This is also a screenshot… from my books and tea tag. Like I said I wasn’t prepared for this!

I didn’t get to take any photos of this before I’d drunk it all so you’ll have to take this generic teacup photo and pretend that it’s a photo of this tea! HAHA.

Seriously this tea was delicious, Bookishly always includes tea from the same tea company in their packages, and their flavours are always delicious. (She says after only ever having tried two different flavours so far…)

The only downside to this was that there are only four bags of tea in the sample so I RAN OUT SO QUICKLY AND NOW MY LIFE IS OVER AND I’M HEARTBROKEN. But that’s only a downside because of how much I loooooooved this tea! Time to go on a treasure hunt to find more I think!!

5/5 amazingly-happy, full-rave, vintage grunge stars from one very happy tea drinker!



I think it goes without saying that the tea was clearly the pick of the month from me! I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens as time goes on because being the tea.. addict.. obsessed maniac.. lover that I am I have a sneaky suspicion that the tea will be the pick of the month on numerous occasions.. #sorrynotsorry


All in all another beautiful box from a beautiful company. I may be new to the whole subscription game but I can tell that this one will be a favourite for a long time yet!


Bookishly’s website

My unboxing video

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